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Magnetic Feeding Ledges are available in Rock, Driftwood and Cork Bark and have a very natural, realistic finish and texture to them. Also made from food grade resin which is completely safe for your animals and prevents the development of harmful bacteria and makes it easy to clean. The brown earthly tone allows for easy integration in desert, tropical or any other themed terrarium.
• Ledge are held in place by super strong magnets.
• Removable water and food bowls.
• Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium.
• Quick and easy to feed and clean.
• Non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria.
• Made from food-grade resin.
• Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles.
• Matt finish Bowl inserts are available for our ledges which reduces the amount of food presented to the animal allowing you to use the same product for all sized animals.

Cork bark ledges can be used for a variety of arboreal animals (ie. Geckos, Snakes, Spiders, etc.) The top of the ledge is removable which gives you access to a large hiding area. The animals has access to the hiding area from the bottom of the ledge as well as the opening on the side of the ledge.

Feeding bowl inserts are available for most of the feeding bowls provided with the magnetic ledges. This allows you to offer less food to your animal reducing food wastage and also allows you to use the same ledge as your animal grows out.