Venom Gear Carbon Fibre Elite Hook

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Venom Gear hooks are custom made in South Africa by Reptile Garden. These are the ultimate hook for the general handling of snakes. Super light weight (150g-240g) with an extremely strong shaft made of 3K woven carbon fiber. The hook end is polished 6mm aluminium.

We have picked up weights of 20kg with these hooks at a 90 degree angle with no issue. You can comfortably handle any venomous snake species and these have been well tested with 2,7m Forest Cobras and Black Mambas.  

A light weight hook makes for easier and faster reactions when handling.

There are 2 hook styles you can choose from the topical U-shape and the V-shape. The V-shape is really nice for more slender elapids. The hook end adds about 10cm to the overall length of the hook shaft which is inclusive of the handle. Please take this into consideration when picking the length shaft you want.  If we are out of stock of a hook you would like, please contact us personally and we can make one up in a few days. 

*Please note - these are not for field work where you want to move large objects.